The disk space quota of Optima has been raised on the server.
The available disk space for Optima environments on the server has been raised 1.1.2012:
All environments have at least 6 GB of disk space and for the media service, at least 2 GB.
The quotas can be raised further upon agreement, customer contact persons have details on this matter.

Updates concerning all Optima users

Calendar Calendar

The user interface of the calendar has been renewed and the calendar functions have been made more versatile: you can set occuring items and add links in them. Additionally, you can see a list of new and modified items. You can also export an indivudual item from the Optima calendar to a Google calendar.
The mobile calendar has also become more diverse: you can edit and browse items and see a list of new and modified items.

Discussion listDiscussion list  

The interface of the Discussion list was renewed in the autumn of 2011 and the updating has continued. According to customer feedback, we have made functions and views clearer. In the settings of a Discussion list, you can specify whether a user can see who has read the messages s/he has posted.

Currently, most Optima functionalities work on an iPad but there have been some problems regarding messaging. These problems have been solved.

New and modified objects can be opened in their actual location.

In the new and modified list of objects, you will see an 'Open in location' link through which you can navigate directly to the object's location in the appropriate workspace and folder. Previously this functionality was available only when doing a search.

The quick link for the new and modified objects (exclamation mark) can be set to be shown in the start view. This setting can be modified on the environment level profile:  Environment tools > Profiles > Environment level profiles > [Profile name] > Start view > Quick links below upper toolbar > New and modified > Save changes

Light web-editor Light web-editor

A version update for the Light web-editor has been implemented.

Changing the colour of a font on an html page has required two separate actions if you have been using Internet Explorer. This problem has been fixed in the update.

Optima updates concerning administrator users

Test user accounts

You can switch to the Optima test user view from the link in the top frame (User's name >>) By clicking your name you can choose which test user's view you wish to switch to. If you do not have any test users in the workspace, by clicking your name you will be directed to a view where you can create them.

To create your first test user, go to Members > Administrate test users. After you have created the first test user and added it to a workspace, you need to refresh the browser view.

Members function

The Workspace tools > Members functionality's interface has been completely renewed.

From the Members link opens up a view where users can be added as workspace members by typing the last name (a few letters from the beginning suffice) of a user into the given field or by choosing the user from a list. Under a separate Groups functionality, you can find environmental level groups which you can add as members of a workspace. You can also search for users which you wish to add as workspace members.

The Administrate test users tab shows you a list of created test users, if there are any. You can also create new test users here. New test user accounts can only be created this way: you only need a name to create a test user. The test user has the user profile by default. You can cange the test user's profile, like any other user's, from Member profiles.

The test user is always a personal account and cannot be used by other users. The previously created common test user accounts (and accounts that do not have a defined user) have been removed altogether.

Those users who in their workspace level profile have a right to administrate users of the workspace (usually supervisors), can create test user accounts. Those users, who have created their own test users, can also delete them.

The administrator of the environment can see the test users that have been created in the environment: they can be found at the top of the View all users list in Environment tools > User administration > View user lists or with the Search function by inserting "Test user" into the last name field. The administrator can administrate test users via the environment tools, if necessary. When a user, who has created test users, is removed from an environment, her test users are also removed.

Compressing a folder / workspace material into a ZIP archive

You can compress a folder or a workspace from Optima into a ZIP archive in two different ways:

  • Create a ZIP file to save material outside Optima.
  • Create a ZIP file which you can import back to Optima (to another workspace or another Optima environment) preserving the folder structures and the order of objects. In this case, the content of the ZIP file cannot be opened on your computer.

Choose the appropriate way to create the ZIP file or use both separately.

Note. When the material is saved as a ZIP file on a computer (1), Scandinavian characters are automatically converted (e.g. ä -> a). This kind of a ZIP file can also be imported back to Optima but the object interdependencies (and Scandinavian characters in the names of the objects) are lost.

The general settings page of a workspace and workspace enrollment

An enrollment function in an Optima workspace for environment level groups or memebers of a selected workspace is now available. In Members > Applicants, you can accept and decline users. You can send a message to the accepted and declined users when accepting or declining their enrollment.

When Enrollment is enabled in the general settings of a workspace, you can modify its settings.

Announcement 10.1.2012

We reserve the right to changes in the content of the update.