(For servers with Media service encoding functionality)

Videoesitys New feature - Video presentation

Video presentation is an Optima tool which can be used to create presentations combining video recordings and slides. You can create a presentation where the slides appear on pre-defined moments as the video is playing. This object can be used to create e.g. online lecture material.

The presentation is created so that a video is uploaded by using the Upload video or audio file for streaming from your computer function. Also the slides need to be uploaded to Optima. Then the object is created and the video and slides are added.

The slides can be pdf, html, or image files (image files can need to be .gif, .png or .jpg files). The format needs to be one that a www browser can display.

To create the time stamps for the slides the video is started by clicking the Play icon and the appropriate slide is clicked from the line above the video when it needs to appear.

NOTE! The use of the Video presentation object requires several workspace level rights:

  • The user needs to have the User can create video presentations option ticked in her workspace level profile
  • The user needs to have the User can upload objects from his computer or User can upload multiple documents at once option ticked in her workspace level profile in order to upload the needed files into Optima
  • The user needs to have the Streaming objects upload available option ticked in her workspace level profile in order to upload the needed video material into Optima

Workspace class startpage

It is now possible to define a start page for a workspace class, as can also be done for a folder or a workspace. The workspace class start page can be an Optima object, or a web page.

Kooste New features of the Collection object

The popular Collection object has new feature such as:

  • Html pages brought into a Collection can now be edited directly via the Collection object
  • A public Facebook page can be added to a Collection
  • It is now possible to add a variable and YouTube videos in the Collection object's own html editor
  • Several user interface improvements and small additions

Updates to the Open Badge feature

  • Administrators can manage the rights to issue Open Badges in their environments
  • It is now possible to save the badge you have received to your own computer first and then upload it to your Open Badge Backpack. This makes it possible for you to receive a badge using Interner Explorer as well

Videoesitys Update of the Multiple choice drill or exam object

  • It is now possible to choose multiple words as an asnwer instead of just one in a Cloze assignment
  • Questions can now include videos, either streaming media in Optima or YouTube videos

Course workspace improvement

You can add a grade for a student without any obligatory assignments in a course workspace. Previously, it was mandatory for the course administrator to define the obligatory tasks. After their completion, the student's grade would automatically be transferred to the course register.

User card fixes

A workspace membership which is based on an environment level group membership is now visible on the user card's Membership tab, in the Workspaces list.