Updates to servers with media service:

Kooste New feature: Using cloud services (Ilmoitukset GoogleDrive and Ilmoitukset SkyDrive) with Optima

  • You can copy and link documents from cloud services to Optima and also upload documents from Optima to cloud services
  • An Optima administrator needs to set this functionality on in the environment level profiles: Environment tools > Profiles > Environment level profiles > [Profile name] > Profile settings. Choose under the heading Your space settings > Cloud services available in all workspaces. Now in folders where users have write access, they will see the new functionality: Add a new object >Pilvipalvelut Link or copy a file from cloud service.

A fix for pdf/Internet Explorer 10 problem

The problem which occured after reading pdf documents with the Internet Explorer 10 browser has been fixed.


Information security

Optima's information security has been improved.

Management tools

  • The interfaces of defining the environment's, a workspace class's and a workspace's starting page has been improved
  • The settings view in Environment tools > Profiles > Environment level profiles > [Profile name] has been made clearer
  • The view seen after creating a workspace has been improved

KoosteWorkspace announcements

  • The workspace level announcements can be shown on the starting page of the workspace
  • The announcements have been viewable on the environment's starting page and/or via the Announcements function Ilmoitukset. Now they can be set as the workspace's starting view (Workspace tools > Set startpage)
  • By choosing the If there are valid announcements, always show them primarily option, announcements will be shown instead of the normal workspace starting page

Kooste Collection object

  • The Twitter Ilmoitukset functionality has been repaired
  • The width of a Collection object can be set in pixels (it may be useful when, for example, using a Collection object as a starting page of a workspace)
  • The messages of a Discussion list, which has been added to a Collection, are shown without time limitations
  • It is now possible to write the first message onto a Discussion list via a Collection object

Kooste Course workspace

  • Several user interface improvements have taken place
  • All participants of a course can be given the same grade simultaneously
  • The course information page is the default starting page of a course but also other pages can be used
  • The user card of the course contact person can now be opened from the course information page
Updates to servers with media service:

Videoesitys Video presentation object

  • Several user interface improvement
  • All streaming objects in a workspace can be chosen for a Video presentation (earlier only objects uploaded after the spring/summer 2013 update were available for the presentation)
  • When a video is chose for a presentation, a version compatible with tablets is automatically generated (this version does not require Flash support)

Kooste Videochat object

  • In the Chat mode, all participants can continue the session
  • The Videochat and lecture user interfaces have been improved

KoosteThe use of media services also available on tablet computers

Viewing Optima's media files (streaming objects) requires a Flash Player in your browser. An exception is the media content of the Video presentation. It can be viewed with devices which do not support Flash because the streaming objects chosen for a Video presentation are automatically converted also into H.264 format.

After the update (21.8.1031/the optima.discendum.com server) all streaming objects can be converted also to H.264 format and thus they can be viewed with devices which do not support Flash.

An Optima administrator can turn on the following settings according to needs in the environment:

  • Users can be allowed to convert any streaming objects into the H.264 format afterwards. The conversion is done on the Settings page of the object. Note that the H.264 format is not available immediately. The video is viewable on a tablet after the conversion has been done, this may take several minutes
  • An administrator can allow all streaming objects to be automatically converted into two formats (Flash and H.264)

These settings can be found in Environment tools > Actions > Streaming objects:

  • Enable computer and tablet viewing of videos and encode all uploaded videos automatically to two different formats
  • H.264 conversion available in streaming video object settings. Videos uploaded earlier can be converted to format suitable for tablet computer viewing

Administrators need to take into account the available disk space when dealing with these settings. Encoding into two different formats takes up twice as much disk space than just the one conversion into Flash format. The space for the media service is limited and it is an environmet-specific setting. You can check the available disk space here: Environment tools > Actions > Streaming objects.

  • Customers of the optima.discendum.com server: disk space can be added by contacting your customer contact person or helpdesk: helpdesk@discendum.com
  • Customers who have their own server: those who are using the Zencoder service need to take into account that encoding into two different formats doubles the service fee

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