The new features of the January 2014 update are mainly directed at Optima administrators:

Version update for Light web-editor

There are no new functionalities or changes in the Light web-editor but the new version is more compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

If incompatibilities occur, the browser cache needs to be emptied.

Lomake-ikoni New Form object

It is recommmended that different forms will be created from now on with the new Form editor. It enables creating all the same functionalities as the old form editor and it also offers new features.

The new Form is available for all users in all environments where it has previously been in use: New object > Form. You can access the old Form by clicking the Create legacy form (Deprecated, use is not recommended) link (when creating a new Form). The old Form will be taken out of use completely later on.

  • Creating a form is now easier and no Java plugin is required anymore
  • Content for the Form can be created and imported: headings, text, images and media
  • Optima objects can be linked to the new Form and different text input fields can be added: for short answers, for essay type answers and also fill-in tables can be added. Addtionally, different kinds of multiple choice assignments are available: radiobuttons, check boxes and pull-down menus.
  • The question and text elements enable the creation of versatile and visual forms and feedback can be given at different stages of the process. The feedback can be entered into each element beforehand and the answerer will see them after saving the form.
  • All answers can be commented on: the administrator and the answerer can comment and also the same right can be given to other users as well. Comments can be saved into a comment library which enables the reuse of commentary.
  • An answering time can be defined, also so that a certain amount of minutes is allowed for answering once a user has started answering. This simplifies, for example, remote examinations.
  • Fields/questions can be defined as mandatory and the form cannot be saved without answering them
  • A link to the form can be sent to people without them having to log into Optima
  • Forms can be assessed as before by using scales
  • Forms can be filtered by different statuses: is the form unfinished, finished or not started; has the form been commented on or not. There is a search function for answers. Answers can be saved and printed by both administrators and answerers (into csv, html and pdf formats).
  • Visuals reports can be seen about the status of forms and answers as well

Kooste-ikoni New feature for Collection object

The Collection object has quickly become a popular way to display material and assignments in Optima. It also enables clarifying the folder structure. We have developed some functionalities according to feedback we have received:

  • It is now posible to define tab-specific access rights. You can hide a tab completely, or display it to only selected workspace/environment level groups.
  • There are more copying functionalities: an element added to a Collection's tab can be copied to another tab and also a whole tab can be copied. This enables the easy reuse of the structure.
  • An object can be set to fill the whole tab (no other elements/blocks can be added to the tab). / This feature will be available later in January.
  • A tab can be directly modified by clicking the pen icon next to the tab's name
  • Videos are scaled according to the block's size
  • The tab organization can now be done in Edit > Administration > Tab settings > Sort (drag and drop)

New features of the Domain tool

The Domain tool is not used by all customers, email the helpdesk if you wish to take it into use: helpdesk(a)discendum.com. This tool enables the creation of a large amount of users at the same time by utilizing a csv file. It is also possible to send a message to the new users via the tool which will inform the user of her/his Optima username and password. The tool can also be used to move users into environment level groups and thus to manage workspace memberships. You can also delete a batch of users with the Domain tool which means that addition to the account, all material produced by the account is deleted from the database.

New features of the Domain tool:

  • Sending a message to existing users (users can be imported, added to a new group and a message can be sent). This can be utilized, for example, when a new course begins.
  • Setting a new password for existing users (users can be imported, new passwords are set, a message is sent to users about the password). This can be utilized, for example, when a new course begins and passwords need to be re-set.
  • The Domain tool will undergo more development later this year

OBF-ikoniChanges in Open Badge functionality

The Open Badge functionality has been changed: Open Badges are created in Oben Badge Factory. The OBF service will be available to pilot customers on January 15th.

If you currently have Open Badges in your Optima environment, they can be moved to the Open Badge Factory service later on. For more information about OBF, please see https://openbadgefactory.com.

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