New user interface

Optima will have a new look and some icons have been renewed. The workspace list can be hidden with one click when necessary and the functionalities of Your space will open up on the left side of the interface. Other updates to the user interface have also been implemented in individual views. See example images below.

Image 1: New Optima basic view
Image 2: New tools view
Image 3: New summary view

Other updates concerning all users

PalautuslaatikkoNew features of the Return box

The look of the Return box has been renewed and the functionalities have been streamlined. Now it is possible for an examiner to return a file for the student and a student can receice feedback via media (audio/video).

Private messages

The Private messages funtion has been completely redesigned. These messages are used between two users. All private messages are found here: Your space > Your messages > Private messages. Private messages can be accessed via Your space, but also via all objects and other users' user cards.

New version of the (Light) web editor

The name of the (Light) web editor will be changed to Web editor and it will be updated to a newer version. The interface is new but all familiar functionalities are included the editor and the Imagemap editor has been updated completely.

Other updates

The name of the Microsoft cloud and synchronization service has changed. Due to a trademark dispute, SkyDrive has been changed to OneDrive.

Updates concerning administrators

Environment layout editor

The administrator of an Optima environment can define the appearance of the environment, meaning the colours and a logo. You can find the editor here: Environment tools > Actions > Environment layout editor.

New location of Test user function

The Test user function has been moved from the top toolbar to the quick links toolbar, under the new management icon. See screenshot.

Return boxNew features of the Return box

The grading view and the Settings page have been updated. Also, files can be commented by recording a video and the examiner can return files for the student.

New features of the course register

The course register has new functionalities such as the possibility to save the register's information to csv and pdf formats.

Other updates

- Object history: when a user is deleted and her/his objects are left in the environment, you can see the owner history of the object from its Info page
- It is possible to include video blocks from the Moniviestin service in an Collection object.

Give feedback!

Give us feedback on the new features of Optima via the Optima Akatemia feedback form!