Optima on mobile
User interface updates
Report tool
Course workspace improvements
Other updates

Optima on mobile

When logging into Optima on a mobile device, you will see the new mobile interface.

The mobile version is directed at smart phones. The implementation is based on html5 which means that newest devices support the new mobile interface of Optima.

The start view of mobile Optima is the Desktop where you can see different functions and notifications, such as

New and modified
Approaching deadlines
Tasks to examine

New messages

User interface updates

The start view has been modified (If you cannot see Optima icons properly after the update, refresh the browser view.):

  • The upper toolbar is now narrower
  • The size of the left frame is manually modifiable
  • The start view (visible immeadiately after logging into Optima) can be modified so that the left frame is hidden entirely: Environment tools > Profiles > Environment level profiles > Choose profile > Start view > Hide the left side area in the login view

Your space has improvements:

  • There are new functions, such as Last viewed objects
  • Existing functions have been organized into more coherent groups

General upgrades in the interface and appearance:

  • The Dashboard icon can be clicked to hide the dashboard. This could be useful, for example, is a demo situation.
  • The New object page tools have been re-organized to make the view more clear and easy to use
  • On the New object page the workspace supervisor can access the workspace profiles, making it is easy to check and modify the profile settings. Note that the settings do not need to be saved separately, they are valid as soon as you check a box.
  • The workspace profiles have a new, clear appearance and grouping, all profiles can be viewed and modified side by side
  • The environment level profiles have a new, clear appearance and grouping

Report tool

We have developed a tool which enables producing versatile reports on results in the Optima environment. You can easily build visual reports and generate reports with detailed information. Reports can be viewed in the environment, or they can be saved into a file.

To enable the Report tool, go to
Add a new object > Profile tool selection > Add tracking tools and choose Show more and you will see the Report object. Once you have selcted it, it is in use in the said profile immediately. (No saving via an OK button is necessary.)

Course workspace improvements

  • Course functions have been updated and the Course register has new functionalities
  • A new function, Learning paths, has been created. It is possible to create Learning paths out of course workspaces for a learner in Optima. A path can include course workspaces or course templates. This function can be found here Environment tools > Courses > Learning paths
  • The creation of a course workspace has included several steps - now it is possible to create the workspace directly out of the template

Other updates

  • The appearance of a Collection can be modified in more detail: you can set a backgroud image or a color. Also, the appearance of the block headings can be modified.
  • The Video and voice recorder has been re-coded with a more technically secure way
  • The Show as PDF option in the general settings of an object has been updated and also the newest file formats now are converted better
  • Note about the Environment layout editor: the recommended height for a logo to be used in the environment is 40 pixels.
  • The separate logout view has been removed. When logging out, you will see your login page again.