Updates concerning all users

Mobile Optima
Full version
Discussion list

Updates concerning administrators

Creating workspaces
Workspace management
SCORM material
Report tool

Updates concerning all users

Mobile Optima

  • Workspace content can be viewed in the mobile interface
  • Workspace content can be opened (concerns objects such as external files, html and text pages and videos in the H264 format)
  • Files can be uploaded from cloud services
  • Messages can be posted into Discussion lists (only reading them was possible earlier)
  • Bookmarks and favourites are available now

Full version

  • The new look of the Enter an environment page
  • A new, useful search function for workspaces has been added
  • Uploading multiple files is easier (HTML5 is in use instead of Java)
  • It is possible to download external files to your computer from a Collection object
  • In the Collection object it is possible to define the object listing and the content of a folder to be automatically hidden (the list/content can be expanded separately)
  • All objects have new icons
  • The Access control page has been renewed
  • Mobile version access has been added (also returning to the full version is possible)
  • Office 365 support has been added to the cloud services
  • A file added from a cloud service can be edited in Optima (the editing is done in the cloud service)

KeskustelualueDiscussion list

Writing a Discussion list message and sending it has been made more simple and clear:

  • The pictures of message senders are included in the messages
  • When sending a message, quoted text can be included
  • Message text formatting has been removed (links can be inserted)
  • Video can be added to a message and a video reply is possible

Updates concerning administrators

SCORMCreating workspaces

Creating a workspace has been made more simple. The general settings of a workspace have been divided into sections which can be opened separately.

Workspace management

Workspace management has a new tool which enables filtering workspaces by different criteria (such as owner, creation/ending date, number of members). Also, searches can be performed. Workspace settings and members can be managed via these search/filter lists.

This tool can be found here: Environment tools > Workspaces > Workspace management


SCORM packages can be updated without losing the statistics. Also, a view mode has been added, enabling a user who has completed the SCORM with a passing grade, to view the package afterwards.

SCORMReport tool

The terminology and the instrucrions of the Report tool have been updated.

Username can be added to the information that is shown about users.

In order to see the Report tool in the Add a new object view, it needs to be specified in the workspace level profile, under the heading Add tracking tools (click Show more).