Adding you picture
Returning documents from cloud services
New version of Web-editor
Better availability of media content
Improvements of Scorm functionality
New Statistics
Fixes for Multiple choice object
User listing in Diary
Features to be removed

Oma kuvaAdding you picture

All users can change their pictures in their user cards, including those users who have limited access rights concerning their contact information. You can change/add your picture from the upper right corner menu (Change your picture).

PilvipalveluReturning documents from cloud services

Documents can be returned to Optima Return boxes directly from a cloud service (OneDrive, GoogleDrive and Office365). The current file can be copied from a cloud service and returned to Optima and the connection to the service can easily be made when returning.
The option Cloud services available in all workspaces needs to be checked here: Environment tools > Profiles> [profile] > Your space settings > Cloud services available in all workspaces

Web-editoriNew version of Web-editor

Web-editor has been updated. New functions make it easier to edit tables.

SuoratoistoBetter availability of media content

Media content is supported better: media files uploaded to Optima are encoded directly to a format suitable for all devices (previously the default format was Flash).

SCORMImprovements of Scorm functionality

The start page and the administrator and user views of SCORM packages have been renewed. The administrator sees statistics and can filter them.

SCORMNew Statistics

Certain events in the environment can be monitored based on time, group, organization and workspace. Also, the number of users, members, passed courses and objects opened can be monitored. Statistics can be found here: Environment tools > User administration > Statistics

KoosteFixes for Multiple choice object

* The feedback view has been fixed
* Fixes in the cloze assignment (creating and answering questions)
* All feedback is available despite of settings
* When copying a workspace/folder, the links to images used in the editor are fixed to direct to images in the current workspace

PäiväkirjaUser listing in Diary

In the Diary, users are listed by default by activity, meaning that users who have added the most entries, are shown first. All users can be listed alphabetically also.

Features to be removed

New old style Forms cannot be created anymore, existing ones can be edited. In the next update, the object Multiple choice exercise will be removed from use. (Multiple choice drill or exam will remain in Optima.)