Renewed Diary object
Optima mobile
Cloud services
Downloading streaming media from Optima
Html document as workspace start page
Enrollment icon visibility
Grading via Collection object
Web editor updates
Open Badge Passport support

PäiväkirjaRenewed Diary object

The Diary object has a new interface as well as new functionalities. The objecty opens up into a Summary view, entries can be saved onto your computer and the visibility of comments and attachments has been improved upon. Also, the grading view has been renewed to make grading as easy as possible.
Please note that entries in diaries created before the update can no longer be edited.

Optima mobile

When logging into Optima on desktop computers and tablets, you are automatically directed to the full version of Optima. When logging in on a mobile phone, you end up in the mobile version. You can switch to the other version in both interfaces from the right upper corner menu.

PilvipalvelutCloud services

It is now possible to copy and link material from folders in cloud services (previous, only documents on the main level were accessible). Also, the reconnection of cloud services has been improved upon, so that previously linked material is accessible if the connection has been lost unintentionally (for example, if you have changed the password of your cloud service).

SuoratoistoDownloading streaming media from Optima

Once an admin user has selected "Streaming videos can be downloaded as files" in Environment tools, you can download media from Optima to your computer in .flv/.mp4 formats.

SuoratoistoHtml document as workspace start page

An html page can now be set as the workspace start page (the same way a Collection). These features are now also in use for workspace classes.

IlmoittautuminenEnrollment icon visibility

When enrollment is enabled for users, the enrollment icon is always visible.

KoosteGrading via Collection object

Workspaces are used often via a Collection object. Thus grading via a Collection has been enabled.

Web-editoriWeb editor updates

In Web editor, the functionalities Insert image from Optima, Insert template from Optima, Add css, Insert/edit embedded media and Imagemap editor have new icons. Also, it is now possible to link to an Optima workspace so that the workspace is opened in the left frame (rather than a specific object would need to be chosen).

Open Badge Passport support

You can display your badges from the Open Badge Passport service in Optima's User card.